Inside, looking outside, looking inside.

Inside, looking outside, looking inside, Multimedia Installation, Jesse Sherburne, 2014

This is a multimedia artwork created for the group exhibition, "A Record of Events" which was also conceptualized and curated by Sherburne.

The artwork itself unfolds in multi-parts and uses "surveillance" as part of a mechanism to allude to the notion, somewhat aligned to Actor Network Theory, that all elements of an art exhibition are interrelated in the generation of meaning. Although somewhat simple in initial execution, the resulting works multiple parts build upon each other adding complexity. The work was intended to challenge the borders between participant, maker, space, memory and mythology.

Jesse Sherburne, Inside, looking outside, looking inside.jpeg

Explanation of Work

This section explains the multiple parts of the work, how it was executed and more information on its conceptual meaning.

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Video + Audio

View the combined video + audio of the work.


Still Images of Work in Exhibition

Images of the work in exhibition including gallery placement, professional stills and engagement by viewers/participants.